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Under heavy impact, fiberglass will fracture, allowing water to seep through. 

Once damaged, the fiberglass must be ground out and new glass laid up on each side of the fracture to regain stability and integrity. 


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Fiberglass Repair

Gel Coat Repair

Chipped gel coat allows moisture into the fiberglass allowing deterioration of the structure. 

Fresh gel coat needs to be applied after the damage is sanded down to keep water and moisture out.


As an added benefit, it also keeps your boat looking like new!

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All deck fittings must be resealed as your boat ages.


Over the years, the cleats and railings flex contributing to the deterioration and breakdown of the sealants. 

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Depending on how much time your boat is out in the weather, stored inside or outside in off season, your brightwork needs to be maintained regularly from oxidization. 

This can include any exposed chrome, stainless steel, brass, or bronze, as well as the varnish on any woodwork. 




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Waxing restores your boat's outer hull, if not to its original finish, close to it.  

As there are many waxing & buffing products on the market, it is essential to know where to start & what product you should start with based on the current condition of your gel coat. 


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RV Maintenance

RV's are similar to boats. They have many places for water seepage which leads to mold and rot. 

Save yourself the headache of a bigger repair and catch the small leaks early.

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What Rob's Happy Clients Are Saying

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Rob was very honest and upfront with us about our boat repair. He took photos throughout the repair process and kept us in the loop.

He was knowledgeable about boats and boat repair. We would use Rob again for a boat repair and would certainly refer him to friends needing work done.

Jana, Osmosis repair

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